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Scrambled Eggs: It’s What’s for Breakfast

What can we tell you about scrambled” eggs? We know that Ancient Romans scrambled eggs (ie, broke the yolks and mixed them with the albumen), mixed them up with vegetables and spices, and baked them. These were the first omelettes.

Recipes and methods vary according to time, place and a cook’s taste. There is no one “official” recipe; but, a plethora of culinary choices. Eggs can be mixed together before cooking, extra ingredients (cream, water, butter, cheese, diced vegetables) may be introduced at any time. Some cooks scramble at the end when the eggs are almost cooked; others prefer constant agitation. Should the final product be yellow or white and yellow? One thing is for certain: on Western European and American tables, scrambled eggs were meant to be accompanied by hot buttered toast!



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