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Breakfast Burger

I remember as a child when, on the rare occasion, my mom would make breakfast for dinner.  My sister and I would squeal with excitement.  However, it usually ended up with pancakes or French toast and not the glorious breakfast burger.  Let’s face it, the hamburger is nearly the perfect food (at least in my mind) and can be eaten at any time of day.  So, it naturally made sense to have it for breakfast.  This breakfast burger is full of all those juicy delicious ingredients that you love on your lunch or dinner burgers but with the addition of fluffy egg and hashbrowns. Yum! (4 servings)


4 hamburger buns

4 hashbrown patties, cooked in oven until golden and crispy

1 lb. ground beef (I prefer 80/20 for the fat content)

4 slices American cheese (other cheese works well but I like the melting quotient)

1 tbl. butter

4 eggs, scrambled

8 slices thick cut bacon

Salt and pepper, to taste

1/2 c ketchup


  1. Using a large cast iron pan, cook your bacon until crisp, removing all but one tablespoon of fat.
  2. Form the ground beef into 4 patties, pressing your thumb in the middle to create a little cavern (this keeps the pattie in shape as it cooks).
  3. Season with salt and pepper.
  4. Cook patties on medium-high for 3 minutes per side
  5. Remove patties, reduce heat to low and add the buns, cut side down to toast. Remove when golden.
  6. Meanwhile, in a large separate large pan, melt butter, adding the scrambled eggs.  Cook low and slow until they are cooked through (this will take a while). You don’t want any browned or lacy edges so make sure you pay attention.
  7. Stack the bottom bun with a hashbrown pattie, ketchup, slice American cheese, 1/4 of the folded egg, ketchup and the top bun.
  8. Serve immediately and ENJOY!