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Are French Fries Really French?images

The French are responsible for giving the world a lot of things.  They gave us the hot air balloon, bikinis and the sewing machine.  However, what they can’t claim is the french fry!

Despite its name, french fries aren’t French at all.  They actually date back to the late 1600’s in Belgium.  Belgian lore states that poor villagers from Meuse Valley often ate small fried fish that were caught in the river.  However, during the winter months, when fishing was scarce, they had to rely on other foods for nourishment…enter the potato.

The villagers turned to the humble potato, slicing and frying the same way they did the fish.  Just like that, the earliest french fries were born.  But, what about that name? “French” fries…

During World War I, American soldiers stationed in Belgium were first introduced to french fries. The official language of the Belgian army was French, so, soldiers nicknamed the delicious fried spuds “French fries.” Now you know.

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