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The world’s obsession with the perfect burger


It has been said that the burger is the queen of our culinary hearts as it’s classic, simple and nostalgic. We’ve eaten them since we were kids and we’re showing no signs of stopping . But, what makes the perfect burger and how do you pick your favorite? Who has the secret and how do we know if that truly creates “the best?”

Well, most chef’s and critics agree that the search for the best burger starts with the meat. Fat is paramount and seems to reign supreme. The quality and content is going to give you flavor and consistency, while giving you the right texture – you want to think juicy here my friends.


The second category of consideration is the bun and rather, meat to bun ratio. Let’s be honest, we all agree, for as we bite into that gorgeous burger, we really just want that bun to be a vessel, a delivery vessel if you will. Not too thick, not too thin and generally we’re considering a classic style. You can add an asterisk here to the sesame seed vs no sesame seed conversation. And don’t get me started on the no bun option. Move over protein style, I’m looking at you and this isn’t your category.


Now, the third category, which easily could go into a fourth, fifth, sixth, etc., would come in the form of toppings. For some, the perfect burger accompaniment is cheese, others not so much. Are you a lettuce fan, or is that a hard pass? How about condiments, are we the full shebang or is a minimalist approach your route? No matter what we choose it’s these variations that go perfectly with that classic, juicy foundation. And here’s the funny thing, the rest of the world agrees. The humble burger has topped menus worldwide and continues to grow. In France, where it is reported that over half of all restaurants have at least one burger on their menu, reports to be one of the most popular menu items. In Australia, it’s reported they consume on average 2-3 times the amount of burgers as the French. And if you’re looking for some adventure then we can go to some popular South American spots but get ready for an egg and some cilantro lime mayo. I’m on the fence here.

Whatever and wherever your favorite burger is, arguably depends on location. Whenever is a general consensus, that any time is the right time for a delicious, juicy burger.

It’s the simple things in life and this classic beauty is the most simple and satisfying of them all.

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